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Top Features in the New iOS 5

Apple will release the newest iOS 5 for users to revise soon for iPhone, iPad and iPod itouch. For a lone time's waiting, Apple finally brings us an ideal iOS 5, the most advanced mobile operation system on the planet, with notification center and other a lot more than 200 upgrades. Among the new functions, some of them are already possess on iPhone and iPad with third party app. Now Apple brings them to their own operation system.

If you've ever used "WhatsApp", you will not feel strange when you're using iMessage. WhatsApp allows users in order to transfer info quickly, including words as well as multimedia stuff, and with no restriction on mobile platform. "iMessage" adds some new functions depending on WhatsApp, such as store the discussion with iCloud. If your device offers Instapaper, you have already experienced areas of the new version Safari's function. Some other features might simple but really useful, such as possible take a picture with the volume-up switch without unlocks the screen.

So many new features and today let us see the top 10 brand new features with iOS 5.

1. Notification Center

I'll give the top one new function to Notification Center. The previous notice window like a box without any words, it is really annoying, especially through the night, when you are playing games or simply chatting with friends, a notice eye-port pop-up, have you ever imagine that you'll throw your iPhone to the walls.

Now Apple brings us Notification Center to change the unwelcome pop-up window. The first is like the "Mobile Notifier" app or something similar to that. The Notification Center not just shows user notice, but also the elements and app's real-time info. If a person lock the screen, you can also make use of the drop-down notice without unlock the display. When you swipe the screen, you will notice the summary of every notification.

2. iMessage

Apple's iMessage is something similar to "BlackBerry Message". It runs on several devices with iOS 5. For instance, you can first chat with your pals with your iPhone and then get your iPad to talk with all of them directly. In future, Mac OS Lion may have this feature also. With it you can observe who is reading with delivery as well as read recipts. Maybe Apple thinks that it is not worth to speak to your friends that with Android and Rim freely.

3. New Camera and picture app

This version iOS has two simple but useful features which will meet all the users need. One is that you could access the camera app without unlocking the actual screen. You can just use grid lines and pinch-to-zoom gestures to obtain your shot just right. Focus having a tap. You will never pass pictures you want.  The other is you may just press the volume-up button to consider photos without using the one about the screen.

This will be the most welcome feature for that user who takes photo often along with iPhone. The new camera app provides simple photo edit functions, you can certainly edit your pictures with it. This is really useful for the users who don't have "Camera Plus".

4. Newsstand

There's a Newsstand on iOS 5, which is actually like iBooks. But they have variations, such as the Newsstand is just for magazine and Journal. In fact, it's like something the between iBooks as well as File folder. ipad Transfer to you to definitely backup your iPad music/video/pictures to pc.

5. Twitter

In iOS 5, Apple brings Twitter involved with it everywhere. Such as post pictures to twitter once you take your photo. IOS 5 enables you to share your stuff on Twitter directly if you use YouTube, Safari and even Maps. And Apple adds a Twitter option underneath the contact list.

6. New Safari

The brand new Safari adds several new features. When you're linking your iPad and iPhone, the webpage is going to be redesigned to adopt the difference in between two screens, it will be friendlier for users once the page is without ads and remodeled. The redesigned webpage will be put into the read list and saved; you are able to read it offline later. You may also sync the page to various iOS 5 devices and Mac OPERATING SYSTEM Lion devices and read them at anytime and anywhere. It could be make use of the iCould.

The view page tab also is put into the new Safari, when you open a webpage, the tab will be listed underneath the address bar. It is really quick described by Apple official website. Hope it'll solve the problems on old Firefox.

7. Reminders

The new Reminders make it simple to set out many things to complete. Simple and clear, you can arrange your day easily and also it may be sync with iOS 5 devices as well as Mac OS X devices. The most eyeball caught feature is when you added "buy milk" to the complete list and you forgot it completely. Do worry; it will remind you when you're passing by a milk store or even supermarket.

8. Email System

Apple enhances the e-mail system with much more text structure. If your friend likes put all of the words bold, that will be a disaster for you and you'll not understand his point of look at. So, more text format can solve this issue easily. The controls of text are indent. When you're quoting, you can control the indent yourself.

9. No longer need Computers assistant

With iOS 5, your apple iphone, iPod touch and iPad will absolutely no longer need the assistant from iTunes as well as PC. At this point, Apple lastly catches up Android and Windows 7. It is really convenient that after you open your new devices and you will update all your apps on iOS 5 along with wifi.

10. Game Center

Apple provides some improvement on Game Center and introducing ideas from Xbox and other game system, such as adding avatar, game discovery and supports Words for Friends and Scrabble along with other game like that. So all the Apple fans, updating your devices to iOS 5 as fast as possible and enjoy the over 200 brand new features brought from Apple.

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