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The launch of Windows 9 - News and Rumors

Along with Windows 8, and now Windows 8.1, Microsoft is trying to make tablets a part of a continuum that goes from the amounts of workstations and high-end gaming rigs with the media system touchscreen all-in-one notebook and thin and light to touch tablet leaner. The general consensus is that he still has quite a distance to go to produce a single OS. Despite rumors of the development and delivery of the aggressive schedule no official word on what's within the next version of Windows, but there are many rumors plus information in the Windows team and advertising for Home windows Phone, the possibility of upgrading to another series which is Windows 8.2.

Quoted from TechRadar daily, there is really a possibility that the next version of Windows referred to as Windows 9, although this can end up being changed. And the new codename offers emerged - Threshold, maybe the reference to maneuver across from our dependence on the desktop to some new world where the Start screen is really a key core of how we are utilizing Windows.

While still just a signal name, Windows 9 has been referenced by Microsoft inside a job posting, discovered by MSFT Kitchen area on March 13, 2013, Ads, Msn for Software Development Engineer, said how the team will deliver products "including Home windows 9, IE11 integration services, touch-friendly devices including the iPad plus much more. "

Release date of Windows 9

Microsoft's head of communications "Frank Shaw" said Microsoft is not ready to speak about how often Windows will come away when it met in January, but he agreed and say "You should have seen in our product range, Windows Phone is among it".

We do not know if Windows 9 is going to be available as and upgrade from Windows 7 that you could purchase as a standalone product or if you need to have Windows 8 to get a good upgrade. However, in January 2014, that is well-known Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott said he believes the organization is planning to release Windows 9 (code title Threshold) in April 2015, less than 3 years after Windows 8.

Applications on windows 9

CFO Peter Klein asserts Microsoft gets the message that Windows 8 tablets need to be cheaper. It sounds like the long-term goal, given that the job ads about the Microsoft Career site in early Feb 2012, and was driven by the team of Windows Phone, but it might provide an incentive for developers to create applications for the Windows Store, and provide users more options of Windows 9. Scaling applications to suit different screen sizes will help here too.

Some reports have suggested that the update Threshold will appear back on the Start menu and that Windows 8 apps can run on the desktop. There is really a predicted feature for Windows 8 depending on Microsoft technologies that have seen demonstrated by leaders for example Microsoft CTO Craig Mundie who doesnít make it into the OS. There are features Microsoft is planning every version of Windows that may be cut, sometimes they reappear, and sometimes they don't.

Kinect 3D motion would be possible depending on windows this time, mainly because we heard that some notebooks will soon obtain a 3D camera - although from additional suppliers than Microsoft. Using two webcams cheaper than expensive 3D camera that may make the hardware recognition is quite cheap for any laptop.

Windows 9 reportedly able to play media files inside a special-purpose operating system, and there are improvements in Hyper-V for Windows Server 8 by which Microsoft could use to make Windows 9 are more effective for this, such as being in a position to move a virtual machine from one spot to another while running.

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